Ethics for a Healthy Global Economy by David A. Schwerin

Keynote address presented at the Science and Business Ethics Conference, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian China.

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Dr. Robert A. Giacalone, Professor of Human Resource Management and Board Member of The Institute for Ethical Awareness, is working on research which focuses on the impact of unethical behavior and employee well-being. This research is being funded, in part, by a grant from the Graduate Management Admissions Council.

IEA has a partnership with the Shanghai Huaxia Institute, a respected social science research organization, to examine ethical practices in a variety of Chinese organizations. Results from an IEA-constructed survey have been collected from 500 respondents in three Chinese cities and these results are being analyzed under the direction of IEA personnel. Given the influence of the Chinese workforce on the global economy, the results of this survey should provide valuable insights. Comparison surveys are planned for the United States.

Please check back for research results.



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